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I was never this way inclined by nature. At the best of times, I was always quite docile, just taking life as it comes, one day at a time. I was never going any further than the next day if that makes any sense to you. Some even said that I lacked ambition which really was hardly the case, they just did not know. I too had dreams, although I must admit that it felt as though my head was always in the clouds. And what is wrong with that! So say the world’s leading entrepreneurs who are ahead of the pack by miles in terms of their high net worth and their extremely high rankings on social media profiles, particularly that of Instagram.

So true. Nevertheless, as you grow older, you also grow wiser. Life’s circumstances force you to make drastic changes to your life. With a characteristic combination of wisdom and patience, never letting your emotions get ahead of you, you are able to promote yourself on Instagram. If like me, you are intent on doing this correctly, it will, however, take some time before you start seeing and experiencing the positive dividends. But even so, it is still necessary to move at an Indy Car pace because you sure do not want to get left behind; as they say.

A combination of hard and smart work gets you ahead of the pack. This is how you get more followers on Instagram. An easy way route is ill-advised and I must just say that it never checks out in any event. No harm, however, in testing new tools and deviancies, see if they work, and if they don’t simply move on to the next plan. Inevitably, there will be a plan that fits your business puzzle. It was said by his subjects that the great wartime leader, Winston Churchill, had a head full of lofty plans.

But quite literally, they all bemoaned this fact over and over again, nine times out of ten, the plan never worked. But what of the one. Well, it worked didn’t it? Certainly in Churchill’s case. And boy, did it work. Just read the history books if you don’t believe me. As for those that served with him, who doubted him from day one, well, they were fired, weren’t they? And Instagram is no place for dead wood. What Churchill would have made and done with Instagram and other social media platforms is beyond imagining.

And dare I say it, this is a man who could get someone of today’s times, someone like today’s CIC, to really eat his words. Or as Bart always says; eat my shorts. Well, in this short space and time, you have seen such a dramatic change to my online persona, haven’t you. Change happens. Change is necessary if you want to make progress in your life and keep afloat, just to put it mildly.

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